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It's that time of year! We welcome summer and the fashion police that inevitably join it preaching the "rules" to plus size women. You know, the ones that say plus size women aren't allowed to wear...pretty much everything (well, besides that potato sack, you are allowed that)!

So, we decided to partner with some of our favorite bloggers and thought-leaders in the body positivity space to see which of these so-called rules they like to break the most. 

What rules will you break this summer?! Join our community of bandits who embrace radical self love! ;) #breaktherules! If you're in need of some rule breaking gear - we got you, go here

First up - fellow outlaw Chardline shares the rules she loves to break and ponies up some serious PROOF! 

XO Jessica Kane


 Chardline is a 20 on top and a 22 on bottom. She is wearing the 18/20 in the plaid dress.

Come back tomorrow to see what Amanda of Latest Wrinkle thinks :)!

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