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I remember a time when my size 26/28 self and THIS (me + swimsuit + picture) would have NEVER happened and that is a damn shame because this day was one of the most perfect ever...and honestly if I had any more clothes on I literally WOULD HAVE DIED from heat stroke.

What if we let the critics in our head win?? What if you turn down that pool party invite?? Your happiness will suffer in exchange to make someone else more comfortable with THEIR own issues, our children's self esteem will suffer and they will think this is how they should be as well (why should they love themselves unconditionally when they don't see you doing that?), our husbands will suffer because they SEE every inch of our beauty and it literally KILLS them little by little to have no control in helping you find peace and happiness with your body and unfortunately, the cycle will never end.
Eff the critics babygirl, and eff anyone else's version of beauty if it forces you to deny embracing moments like your life NOW.

Much love,
Jessica Kane
Creative Director of Cool Gal Clothing

Suit > / pic by Marcy Guevara

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