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Have you met Cool Gal Cailey Darling yet?

On a sunny afternoon last week, I had the pleasure of Skyping with Cailey, and believe me she lives up to her name.  With beauty that shines from the inside out, she is, well, just darling! 

As the owner, and sole contributor of “Darling I Know”, Cailey has an Instagram following of over 10K devotees who are drawn both by her gorgeous unique style and body positive messaging.   

Scrolling back to the beginning of Darling I Know (circa 2012), Cailey’s confidence transformation is obvious. Beginning with your typical abstract shots of adorable pets, gorgeous manicures and hair and make-up selfies, there is not a full body photo to be seen.


Very cute, but where's the rest?

Then, suddenly in January 2014 something changes. The first fabulously confident full body photo is posted, and a new confidence crusader is born.

So enquiring minds want to know, what changed?  What was Cailey’s first step towards confidence and self-love?

“Seeing pictures of other women like me,” she says.  “I’d see images of other women, the same size as me and think ‘Damn, their hot!’.  It made me realize, if I thought they were hot, I could be too.”

Seems like a no brainer right?  Well I don’t know about you, but my inner voice can be a manipulative little bitch, whispering negativity and self-loathing.  So I had to ask, what is Cailey’s inner voice saying? 

With a knowing smile, she confessed she often has to tell it to “Shut Up!”  After years of being horribly judgmental (both of herself and others), she made the pledge to stop.  Flipping that positivity switch, and dedicating her energy to encouraging supportive and loving actions and words, Cailey feels has truly been life changing.

Knowing sometimes no matter your positive outlook sometimes life just sucks, so I wanted to know what energized Cailey.  What prepares her to take on anything life throws at her?

Her response was swift, “A great outfit and on point brows.”  Despite her love affair with all things make-up (she has an entire room in her house devoted to the stuff), if she only has time to apply one thing, it will be her brows.

“Draw them thick and fierce, the better to intimidate the enemy!”

Can I get a HELL YA ladies?

As our chat came to an end, I couldn’t help but ask Cailey if there was anything she wasn’t good at?  I mean she couldn’t be totally perfect right?  That wouldn’t be fair!

 “Sewing,” she says. “I love to create new styles and alter clothing to reflect what I want them to be, but I am horrible at it!  Sewing machines are witchcraft!”

Cailey Darling:  MUA. Raging Feminist.  Hater of sewing machines!

Caring, genuine and my new girl crush, I encourage each of you to follow Cailey, she embodies everything we love at Cool Gal Blue.  Also, be sure to check out her exclusive collection here in the Cool Gal shop.

Til next time my lovelies!


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