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Have you met Tammy Wells?

Believe me, if you haven’t yet, it was only a matter of time before you did.  As I chatted with Tammy about blogging, confidence and life in general, it became abundantly clear that Tammy has goals.

BIG ONES! Like, maybe total world domination won’t be enough for this woman!

Owner and sole contributor to the blog “Embellished Dame”, Tammy admits she has only been blogging for about 8 months, and a lot has happened in a very short amount of time.  She is shocked at the attention she is gaining, while being so grateful to everyone in her life who has encouraged her to set her goals high.  

Although Tammy exudes confidence now, like many women her road to self-love has been a roller coaster.  At a statuesque 5’11”, she says high school was tough.  “Nothing fit me,” she says “I hated my waist and hips, and would often hunch my shoulders so I wouldn’t look so tall.” She even confesses to trying to cut the heels off of a pair of combat boots, convinced the practically nonexistent heel was making her look taller.

Then Tammy went to college and things began looking more positive.  Plus size fashion was becoming more available, and Tammy was surrounded by encouragement and love.  She got married and became pregnant with her daughter.

I know all my lovely Mamas reading this know what happened next.  Although, holding your beautiful child in your arms is a high like no other, pregnancy can make some effed up changes to your body.

Tammy admits to gaining 80 pounds while pregnant.  “I didn’t want to do anything until I lost the weight,” she admits.  Painting a picture of near depression, Tammy explained that she didn’t want to dress up, or do her hair or make up.  All she could focus on was losing the weight, and living her life afterwards.

“Then one day, on the internet, I saw all these beautiful confident women, and I sort of snapped out of it.  I thought to myself ‘I’m going to dress THIS body.’ Doing nothing was just making things worst.”

Hallelujah, PREACH!  If there was ever a commercial proclaiming the benefits of self-love Tammy would be the star.  With a daughter to set the example for, Tammy wants to make sure the message is crystal clear.


She wants each women to feel the thrill of being who they are, knowing it’s enough, and having the backbone to get out there, take chances, and feel good about themselves.   

With an eclectic mix of tunes (everything from country, to hip hop and hard rock), perfect sunglasses and a cute outfit Tammy is force that can’t be stopped.

A little bit “pretty” and a little bit “sass”, the one and only Embellished Dame, Tammy’s priorities are simple.

Love. Family. Happiness.

*sigh* Absolute perfection.

Be sure to follow Tammy at Embellished Dame, and drop by her Instagram feed for a little extra eye candy.  Also don’t forget to dress YOUR beautiful body in Tammy’s look, but visiting the Cool Gal Store.

Inspired by all the love, I’m off to squeeze my little ones.

Until next time ladies!


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