What's Your Label?

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Are you a label whore?  Maybe you know someone else who is?  Someone who can’t help but flash their designer, status symbol labels at anyone and everyone who will look.  Clothing, handbags, cell phones, shoes, cars…. No matter what it is, it’s got some sort of label emblazoned across it, declaring to those who are in the know how awesome and trendy they are.

What about Society’s labels?  The neat and tidy little boxes, that define who you are, and how you’re expected to behave?  We all know about the negative labels used every day - “lazy”, “ugly”, “stupid”, “weak”.  Recently, Cool Gal Allie, confessed to her deep discomfort with the label "cellulite".  Overheating her way through every summer, because she felt everyone was labelling and judging. 

Although, we all totally understand how negative labels make us all feel, recently I’ve become convinced that supposedly positive labels can hurt just as much.  

How often do you put your life and happiness on hold, until you receive the external validation you are convinced you “need”?

Writer, artist, beautiful, professional, athletic…

How many of you are utterly dependent on the validation of others?  Do you feel if you could just earn the right to OWN the labels you crave, that finally you’d be the person you were meant to be?  That opportunities, recognition and personal happiness will only come once your worth is labeled and recognized by others?  

If this rings an uncomfortably loud bell in your head, let me offer some sound advice…

Eff what other’s think!  The only person who can decide who and what you are is YOU!

Just as you condemn others for applying negative labels to you, do not condemn yourself to perpetual unhappiness and frustration, waiting for the permission to be who you ARE.

More than anything, I want to be a professional writer, and so without anyone’s permission, I started writing, and a funny thing happened.

The more words I wrote, the better I got.  The better I got, the more comfortable I became with the idea of calling myself a writer.  Slowly, as my confidence grew, I began telling others I was a writer. Before I knew it, I felt I had “earned” the label I so desperately sought, and all I had to do was take the first step.

It didn’t come from waiting.  It didn’t come from others.  It came from ME and the actions I took.

Ladies, I know I am the epitome of the average women.  So, I’d bet if I was waiting to become who I was meant to be, you are probably waiting too.  Who’s the person you’re longing to be?  What if you took the first step right now?

Wanna be more confident?  What to know without a doubt that you are a beautiful unique goddess unlike any other? Then OWN it! Buy something that makes you feel amazing.  Something that is so 100% YOU, that when you wear it, you feel like a little girl in her Sunday dress.  Ready to skip and spin around, feeling pretty and full of joy.   

Wanna be an artist?  Then OWN it! Sign up for a local class, look for projects on Pinterest, wander the aisles of your local arts and crafts store until inspiration strikes.  Just take time to create, and with each project you complete, and new skill you learn, the more you will feel like the amazing artist that you are!

With each small action you take, you will slowly begin to BE that person you know deep down is the REAL you.

Remember, it’s not called “group” growth, it’s called PERSONAL growth.  It’s up to YOU, not what others think or say about you.

Now, what’s your label?


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  • Shantell: May 29, 2015

    First, I want to say congratulations on owning you! It’s never a better feeling than realizing you hold the light to your own happiness, and being in a certain criteria doesn’t define you if you aren’t genuinely happy. I found my happiness years ago when I stopped allowing others to dictate who I’m suppose to be, it was the best relief ever, and I’m so proud of myself and you for acknowledging YOU! I to love to write poetry, but sometimes I say “I want to be a poet”, but to read your story, I’m already a Poet, I just have to OWN IT! And that’s what I’m going to do, thank you! It was a pleasure reading your story, it really touched my heart.

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