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In honor of the collection launch of our very own visionary, Jessica Kane, I offer this little blast from the past.  As a longtime friend of Ms. Kane, and someone who knows her perhaps better than she knows herself, I can assure you, every word is TRUE!  It happened several years ago, and it just goes to show that even the most confident among us have their own Doubt Demons to slay. 

As a marketing and design genius, Jessica is one talented lady by anyone’s standards. Also, as a true confidence crusader, she encourages women to love themselves and believe that they CAN be the most confident girl in the room.

A few years ago Ms. Jessica was honored by the Portland Business Journal with a Women of Influence Award, a huge honor for someone so young.  My honor was that I got to be her plus one, and thank goodness for that. As the day of the big event drew near, every Doubt Demon inside Jessica’s head came out to play, and I got a phone call from my panicked bestie as she fretted and focused on every tiny little thing she could except…

The amazing part about being honored with an award!

Faced with a raving lunatic, my internal pep talk polly came to the rescue and reminded Jessica again and again to stop stressing out.  That no matter what, everything was going to be awesome because, SHE WAS GETTING AN AWARD!!!!

Crisis temporarily averted, we got through the ceremony, ate lunch, and were on our way out, Jessica with honor in hand.  You’d think after being honored, Jessica would be elated.  Maybe take a few moments to acknowledge her genius and success?

Unfortunately not.  

Have you ever been infested with Doubt Demons? I have!  They’re sneaky little bastards who love nothing more than to point out your every shortcoming and fault, until you are a pile of spineless goo.  With Doubt Demons in your head, you are never able to celebrate and acknowledge the AWESOMENESS that is YOU!

Well, Jessica’s surfaced again after the banquet.  She didn’t have a degree, or a book, or any case studies, or high end clients… or obviously, A CLUE!

Trying desperately to talk some sense into her I found myself picking up her award and sort of waving it at her, trying to get her attention.

My theory for what happened next was that the positivity of the award began to burn the Doubt Demons, because in the middle of my diatribe Jessica yelped,

“Jeez, Mandy! Stop waving that thing in my face. I feel like it’s a crucifix or something!”

Seizing the opportunity I thrust the plaque further into her face and shouted,

“Out Doubt Demon! Out! I will exorcise you from this amazingly accomplished woman so that she might recognize her greatness!”

Overkill, I know, but the resultant burst of laughter was perfection, and got her to stop stressing about the "what ifs" and instead be present in her moment of success.

*sigh* good times.

It wasn’t a cure, Jessica still has a hard time acknowledging her success, but rest assured we have her (and truthfully several of the Cool Gal team members) in a 12 step program to recovery.

And to the rest of you dynamos of determination out there, take a moment and STOP!  ENJOY your glorious accomplishments!  Chances are you worked hard and came a long way to achieve them. 

Maybe a little something from the Jessica Kane Collection to celebrate????

Go now, before you talk yourself out of it!!




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