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Ta da! It's time for something new! Each week we deliver the latest in plus size and body positive news direct to your inbox. From now on we'll also be posting the update here on this blog! Tune in every week to learn about all the (curvy) news that's fit to print!

Perked Up. The Scoop on Pushing Up the Girls

I like boobs. You like boobs. We all like boobs! If you clicked on this article than you are at least curious about the answer to this blazingly essential question— Do push up bras really work? Well… Yes. And no. And sorta. And everything in between.

 If you are plus size you understand that sometimes things just don’t *work* the way they are supposed to. Bras are no exception to this rule. With all the engineering degrees out there, you would think that someone would know exactly what is needed to do with breasts in order to keep them perky and looking their best!

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed put a handful of popular push up bras to the test on six women with different body types, sizes and shapes. The answer? Honest, real-life feedback about what bras work and what simply don’t. Like this truth bomb from the awesome Kristin who wears a size 40DD bra, "I just compared this photo to the one where I am wearing a normal bra, and I actually have less lift now. This bra is perfect for the lady who wants to turn her boobs into big angry cannonballs that she can fire at people or whatever it is I’m supposed to do in this thing.”

Interested in reading it all for yourself? You can find it here on Buzzfeed.


Yes! Fashion belongs to EVERY Age!

Some of the most fashionable women in the world are 50 plus. Take fashion icon Iris Apfel who still rocks her outspoken taste with an entire armful of bangles at the age of 92. Actress Tilda Swinton who breaks all the fashion rules in style. Or Lauren Hutton who, at 62 and Diane Keaton at 67. Our point? That fashion belongs to women of every shape, size and AGE!

Photo Courtesey of Anna Scholz

Except fashion companies seem to forget this. Which is why it’s so awesome that Anna Sholz has taken her sophisticated styles and chosen to showcase them on a women with sophistication to boot.  Nicola Griffin, at 55-years old, is a relative newcomer to modeling. But with her long-flowing grey locks and cheek-bones-for-days face, she slays every image in the campaign.

Want to learn more? Check out what Refinery29 has to say about this campaign!

M.A.Cnificent Beauty Comes in Every Form

Are you M.A.Cnificent? Yes! All of us are unique. We love when brands do something with heart and soul, which is why we totally dig MAC’s new campaign designed to highlight beauty and strength in all shapes, sizes and cultures.

Luzmaria Vargas could be you, me or any of us. As a plus size woman she expresses her sadness at the alienating way her friends and family have treated her. But she also expresses her desire to shine bright, from the inside out!


Alongside Luz, MAC tells the story of five other individuals who all share their intimate hopes for personal empowerment, body positivity and strength.

Want to see the whole campaign? Learn more here. 


Body Positive YouTube Gals not to Miss

Put down the cat videos and tune into these glorious body-love vloggers! Seriously. Watch these women… Now!

 Over the last few years YouTube has truly emerged as a social platform for turning every day people into celebrities on and offline. For every “Hamster Dressed Like Thor” there are a handful of sassy, smart and straight talking folks using the platform to sound off on social issues they support. Including (yes!) body positivity and self love.


Bustle has gathered 7 outspoken  vlogers and put them in one nifty blog so that you can be inspired day in and out with overwhelming self love. All shapes and sizes, these women have one thing in common—the radical idea that all of us are allowed to feel beautiful and wonderful just as we are!

Want to check out the full list? Find it here on Bustle!


What do you think of the news this week? Chime in below, we'd love to hear from you!

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  • Jessica: October 07, 2015

    I’m just here because I have a bone to pick with the blurb about this article that was in the email Society+ sent me. Specifically the quote, “Breast; everywoman [sic] has them.” Transmisogyny has no place in fat positive or activist spaces.

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