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As a company that believes you have the full right to bare arms, legs, belly, you name it; we felt it was necessary to provide some actual proof that showing VBO is not the worst thing that can happen to you (or the person looking at it).

THE MOST EPIC VBO-Positive Round Up Ever

We looked to our favorite bloggers, style icons, body positive crusaders, followers and just downright awesome gals to give the Visible Belly Outline it's time to shine. Amping the volume up to 100, we present you with 60 times where VBO made us swoon!

Join in and show us using #fashionforthemajority.

xo Allie & Jess

Like happy hour??, but SO much more gratifying!! Rule breakers score 20% with code 'shopwhileyouwork20' ??....bc we love ya!!! Xoxo ?❤?❤

A photo posted by Society+ formerly CoolGalBlue™ (@societyplus) on

Get your stripe on in my #coolgalMARCY collection!! Check out my curated picks for YOU! Link in bio!

A photo posted by Marcy Guevara (@themarcyminute) on

I need to find more blush colored clothing ! Feelin this throwback vintage find with my @rayban shades

A photo posted by margieplus (@margieplus) on

Blog update: Fat Nicole Richie

A photo posted by Chastity Garner-Valentine (@garnerstyle) on

New post featuring Ava & Viv by @target. All links on the blog!

A photo posted by Beck Delude (@manfattan) on

@DivaXPress I almost forgot about this blazer ? #divaxpress#vintagestyle#TankInstadate

A photo posted by Lena THE diva (@dopestcurves) on

I love this haha #RebelWilson #photoshoot

A photo posted by @rebs_wilson on

They talk & judge- They have no clue what I'm capable of. #heartofalion

A photo posted by ➕Size Model | Mom | Feminist? (@tessholliday) on

God blessing all the trap n❌ggas ?? Dress: @pinkclubwear #LabelOnSunday

A photo posted by ? M I A (@miatheboss) on

NEW Video! ? My @rebdolls review + lookbook is on my channel (direct link in bio) ?? // I know some people aren't going to like this look because it isn't "flattering." Believe me when I say I already fought that battle with myself when I first put on this skirt. You can see every roll and lump, and you know what? That's OK. This outfit made me feel sexy. It made me feel good. It empowered me. I fought for so long, my whole life really, hating myself for those features. It took years to accept my body and learn to take care of it out of love, not hate. Even now, I still have my moments of negativity, but I snap out of them because I deserve to be happy and kind to myself. You deserve that, too. ✌?? #Rebdolls #sexyforall #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositivity

A photo posted by Amanda Allison (@amanda_allison) on

So obsessed with the fringe on this kimono from @harlow_au right now ?? #thisismkstyle

A photo posted by Meagan Kerr (@thisismeagankerr) on

New post on fat girl shorts on the blog. #FatGirlShortsFTW (Link to blog in bio.)

A photo posted by Jes Baker (@themilitantbaker) on

You won't please everyone. #bootyrevolution

A photo posted by Meghan Tonjes (@meghantonjes) on

Gosh, do I miss this girl ? and it's been less than a weeeeeeek ?? (photo cred to the amazing @liabphotography)

A photo posted by alexandra (@learningtobefearless) on

Walk, walk POSTURE baby work it I'm a slouch-beetch, baby! ???

A photo posted by Gloria Shuri Henry (@glowpinkstah) on

This weeks #AussieCurves challenge is #Red. Who says you need a flat stomach to wear a crop top?? #croptopsforall

A photo posted by "Don't dream it, be it." (@curvesinacardigan) on

Shady lady.

A photo posted by Sarah Conley (@styleit) on

Bye, bye summer! #RIP #WeWillMissYou

A photo posted by Kelly Augustine (@kellyaugustineb) on

New on the blog! Full review of this @monifcplussizes beauty at ?

A photo posted by Jessica Kane (@jessica_kane) on


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