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What is 'Body Positivity'? This is the conversation we've been having over and over, trying to understand what this term means to everyone. Why some seem to have it, and others feel they can never. The reason why this conversation seems neverending, is because the proces of self-love never is. There is never a point when someone can 'arrive' at the mythical land of body positivity, it's a daily journey, battle, celebration, war, victory, struggle and inner dialogue you have with yourself and hopefully those around you.  

We all have days where we don't love how we look or feel. When we beat ourselves up over how we feel, and then that leads to us feeling bad for beating ourselves up, and the cycle starts spiralling out of control. Body Positivity is (continually) learning how to treat yourself through these thoughts. Not the absence of these thoughts all together.

We all are there, we all experience these thoughts, and we all are responsible for treating ourselves well on those bad days. This playlist is all about that.


“Sometimes when you’re driving it starts to rain --- you just need to turn on your windshield wipers, and then you can see again.” #JKANEisms 

Share this playlist with your squad---who all need some body positivity jams in their lives. Trust. 


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