The Newest Members of the S+ Style Squad

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We are so excited to celebrate the past week's stories of confidence from you, our favorite customers---plus we love spoiling you who share your looks and how you have made them your own! Here are the newest members of the S+ Style Squad! This week we are loving all the sequins and skater dresses you all were killing it in! 

Each of them posted with the hashtag #IAMSocietyPlus and showed how they made their Society+ pieces their own. We want to see even more of you babes sharing your style and showing the world how Society+ made you feel more confident or helped you rock out your day in your favorite Plus Size Fashion.  We want to hear YOUR stories! And each new member gets a $20 gift certificate, too. 

1. @stylebymalia

"Doesn't every office have sequins fridays. Working on a video project and these @societyplus fancy pants. I really want to wear these all weekend.#IAMSocietyPlus"


2. @tamekalashelle

"My body is my sanctuary. I haven't always loved it as I should, or treated it as I should. I desecrated it with shame, remorse, and all manner of hateful things. I cursed its curves and lamented over its inability to "blend in". I hated my sanctuary. I covered it. I took pills. I starved it of love and adoration and affection. I prayed to be someone else. I prayed to be no one else.

But this sanctuary, my sanctuary, is power. It has carried babies and been cut and stretched open to welcome life into this world, three times. It is Grace. It has loved and made love. My sanctuary has overcome all manners of illness and brokeness. It is tenacity. It has been washed with tears of joy and salved with tears of sadness. My sanctuary has praised and worshiped God. It is devinely created. My sanctuary is love. Love is the key. #IAMSocietyPlus"

3. @rachelgeebee

"Be bold and unapologetically take up space is my new motto, review on the blog of this@societyplus mermaiden skirt.#IAMSocietyplus"

4. @dschulii

"Windy times! 🍃🌪Have you seen this look already? Head over to my blog 💖 #IAMSocietyPlus"

5. @sssuperbecca

"Recently I had the opportunity to take a few shots with @nightbloomphotography in #yeg. I love this one! The dress is @societyplus and I'm so in love with the color #iamsocietyplus"



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