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Each week we love celebrate the past week's stories of confidence from you, our favorite customers---plus we love spoiling you who share your looks and how you have made them your own! Here are the newest members of the S+ Style Squad! This week we are loving all the sequins and skater dresses you all were killing it in! 

Each of them posted with the hashtag #IAMSocietyPlus and showed how they made their Society+ pieces their own. We want to see even more of you babes sharing your style and showing the world how Society+ made you feel more confident or helped you rock out your day in your favorite Plus Size Fashion.  We want to hear YOUR stories! And each new member gets a $20 gift certificate, too. 

"Celebrated my bachelorette in style this weekend. No need to see the after picture, lets just leave it at that! Thank you to my amazing and wonderful friends who made it a great night (and the girls who couldnt make it, you were there in spirit and truely missed)! Also, Thank you @societyplus for making me feel like a million bucks in this beautiful skirt. #iamsocietyplus"
"Decided to rock a #tutu for a couple reasons. 1) to be a bad ass and handle some moving bullshit 2) rock some berry vibes for the #lazersquad this week 3) Because tutus are bomb. Fun stories from today: While playing with the layers of tulle and talking about how much I love my tutu a co-worker stated he just doesn't get that (compares to my tutu infatuation) excited about clothes... This makes me a little sad. Someone picking up some leftover appliances from my house asked "are you going to a costume party later?"
My response: "Nope, this is just what I wear" #IAMSocietyPlus"

"Oh, don't mind me. Just casually walking around Target in my @societyplus tutu. 😊 #IAMSocietyPlus"

"Solid Skater dress ❤My 1st Red dress #iamsocietyplus."

"You don't need a reason to be EPIC 🙌 everyday. 😘 Wear the clothes 👗👚👖👙that make you feel happy. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. Yesterday's convo...
Stranger: "You look really pretty today, what are you all dressed up for?"
Me: 🙄 I'm really pretty everyday and I don't need a reason to SLAY. 💎 #IAMsocietyplus"


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