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"Hi loves!!!
I have some big news to share with you! I have been chosen as a society plus #fashionfreedom ambassador along with 10 other awesome blogging babes!!!  If you have been following and reading my blog for long, you know I am all about breaking the fashion rules that are set aside for my plus size babes, and being confident in your body and who you are, which is exactly what the fashion freedom campaign is about.

I had sooo many instances in my past in which I had to wear something I didn't think my body type should wear. But one that stuck with me was when I had to wear one for a shoot. I'm still in my early stages of blogging but certainly God has blessed me with a few opportunities and I am so grateful. One of the opportunities was working with a brand, and one of the outfits I had to wear was a white dress. Before putting on the dress I was excited because it was so cute but, I forgot exactly what wearing white does to a plus size body, or what it does to my head for that matter. Finally putting on the dress I looked in the mirror and honestly felt disgusted. Everything I wanted to hide was apparent and then my eyes wondered to places like my arms and my stomach.

The photographer called out my name and asked me if I was ready. I wanted to back out but then I thought to myself, how can I back out now? What example am I leading? And this is a great opportunity, what am I seeing? It's funny but anytime I start to feel weird about myself and my body, I just start singing beautiful by Christina Aguilera. As I walked to the photographer that's all I kept singing in my head "you are beautiful no matter what they say, cause words can't bring you down nooo" sang that through my whole shoot. When the edits were done I couldn't believe it. The pictures came out better then expected and I was wearing whiittteeeee. And I looked beautiful.

We need to erase those negative thoughts about ourselves especially when it comes to fashion. We need to stop thinking we can't wear certain colors or certain styles because of our size. We need to stop limiting ourselves and stop allowing the society to control our wardrobes. I believed that I thought I couldn't wear white because of what society said about it. Today my post is dedicated to wearing white and feeling free with myself. Today I want to encourage you all to break the rules that society has set for us. Rules such as:

  • Showing your tummy( you know that rule that includes crop tops and excluding plus size babes)

  • Showing legs

  • Showing armmssss

  • Wearing color!

  • Wearing white!

Share a pic of you breaking one of the rules and hashtag #fashionfreedom and #iamsocietyplus I'll also repost some of my fav rule breakers!

I am so happy to partner with society plus with this campaign because these rules use to hunt my all my life. It made me run away from cameras, mirrors and hide my body in clothes twice as big as I am. Big thank you to society plus for starting this campaign!! I hope you all join in!! Can't wait to see the pics!! #loveyoulivenow #fashionfreedom #iamsocietyplus

~Anita M. 
#LoveYOULiveNow it's the only way to go!

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