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Hi, I'm Emily!!

I am so excited to be sharing this fabulous post with all of you today! First off because this is the first time I shot at the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall - I know, I know - the wall has been there for months, but I've been waiting the perfect time to make it there! Secondly and more importantly, because I am so honored to have been chosen by Society+ as a #FashionFreedom Ambassador along with 9 other fabulous blogger babes!

There have been some great body positivity movements happening this year and I am so honored to be a part of Society+'s movement to break all those fashion rules that I have heard my whole curvy life! You can't wear white, don't wear bold colors, make sure to cover those arms, don't show your legs - yep - I say HELL TO THE NO (I may be listening to that song from Glee on repeat while I write this post - it is so sassy) to that! If you have been following SGSB for some time, you know that I adore bright, bold colors and prints - colors are just too much fun for me to pass up. So, I wanted to challenge myself to break another "fashion rule" - wearing white. I have nothing against white - most people will tell you it accentuates everything, but it all depends on the cut of the garment and the fabric it is made out of! White can truly be slimming! When looking for white garments, I always look for a thicker, more sturdy fabric that will hold it's shape and won't be see through. Also, I think it's important to make sure the garment fits perfectly (my tip - find a tailor/alterations place that you trust and have your clothes altered. I know it can add another expense, but fabulously tailored clothing can make all the difference!)

When we break free from the molds we (or society) puts us into - I think we can discover ourselves! I have always had an eclectic yet preppy style - I love to pick out those pieces that stick out in my mind. Unfortunately, a few years ago when I was right out of school, I was in a place where I didn't feel confident enough to wear these "look at me" pieces - including wearing white. Well, clearly that has changed - I am the happiest when I am in an outfit that reflects my personality and I believe that taking this risks has helped me to discover who I am. "Do what makes you happy" and that includes wearing whatever you please! If you are hesitant to break a "fashion rule," I dare you to take a risk and to see what happens - I bet it will surprise you!

What other fashion rules are you ready to break free from? I would love to hear in the comments below or through social media! Make sure to share your fabulous fashion rule breaking on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags, #FashionFreedom and #IamSocietyPlus so I can see your fierce outfits! Have a great week, y'all!



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