Inemesit Etokudo for #fashionFreedom


Hello lovelies! I have exciting news to share! I have been chosen as a Society+ #FashionFreedom Ambassador along with 10 other amazing blogger babes! It is our collective goal to inspire women to break so called “fashion rules” that we have been told to adhere to our entire lives and to educate women on how to wear trends that fall outside of their comfort zones. We will be showing tummy, proudly displaying our legs, wearing bright colours, showing our arms, and wearing white in hopes of empowering women of all body types to do the same. 

I’m going to tackle and breakdown the misconception that plus size women shouldn’t wear colour.

We are constantly bombarded by external voices telling us that bright colours are a no-no for fuller figured women and are reserved only for those whose body allows them to “pull it off”.

We are told to hide our bodies - staying away from bright colours because they draw too much attention to us.


It is always disheartening to walk through a straight size section and seeing the abundance of colours and prints made readily available, then turning the corner to see a sea of greys, blacks and neutrals in the plus size section.

What if I want to draw attention to my body?
What if I want to wear bright hues because they make me feel good in my own skin?

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Image of Inemesit (above) by Edem Junior Etokudo (@junior.fam). 

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