Leah Vernon #FashionFreedom


"I used to be obsessed with models when I was a teen. They got to model all types of bright colors and bold prints that I was never confident enough to wear because it brought ‘attention' to the parts I believed I should've been hiding. Black was slimming and that's what I flocked to. But who was I hiding from? Why couldn't I be just like the catwalk models, but still my fat and beautiful self? I got ahold of yellows, oranges, and pinks. I looked good, and I felt good. I was never, ever going to shy away from anything that was bold or brought attention to myself again. I claimed my #FashionFreedom.

I'm teaming up with @SocietyPlus and nine other plus-size babes to challenge all of fashion's so-called rules and inspiring everyone to claim their #FashionFreedom. Join us and share!"   

IG: Instagram.com/lvernon2000
YouTube: Leah V. Daily

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