Minerva for #FashionFreedom


Photo: Ryan Laessig / Milwaukee Alt

I, along with 9 other amazing blogger babes, have been chosen as a #FashionFreedom Ambassador for Society+! You know I can't resist breaking restrictive, outdated fashion rules, so I've teamed up with Society+ to prove that you can rock any trend that makes you feel powerful and confident! Use #FashionFreedom and #IAmSocietyPlus to join in on this powerful experience!

The rule I'm breaking here is the old misconception that plus size babes shouldn't show their arms. I used to be so self-conscious of my arms! Not only are they fat, but I have a rare bone disease that's left me with huge scars on both of my hands, wrists and arms from operations.  I used to wear long sleeves year-round to hide them, making myself terribly uncomfortable. One day, I realized something: Yes, my arms are fat, and yes, they have huge scars; neither of those facts affect my intrinsic value or beauty. I stopped wearing long sleeves routinely and felt instantly liberated and inspired to continue to break fashion rules in the name of self-empowerment.

I love that Society+ has started this campaign. They're a great company with integrity that's genuinely committed to promoting body positivity, self-love and #FashionFreedom. To check out what the other Society+ Ambassadors had to say, go to SocietyPlus.com! Remember, babes: never be afraid to rock any trend you want to, despite what the "rules" say!


Claim your #FashionFreedom and bare your arms! Our stylists picked out our favorite arm showing styles for the season.

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